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Reduce wrinkles, improve skin texture, reduce acne, and alleviate pain.



Improves Recovery Time


Boost Immune System


Detoxifies The Body


Increases Metabolic Rate

What is Cryotherapy?

Cryotherapy is a practice of using a "cryosauna" machine to dispense nitrogen gas around the body. While cooling the surface of the body to sub freezing temperatures, the goal of cryotherapy is to activate a beneficial physiological response.


Level 1 (Beginners)

140 degrees / 3 minutes


Level 2 (Intermediate)

160 degrees / 3 minutes


Level 3 (Expert)

180–200 degrees / 3 minutes

Treatment Expectations

Stretching Exercises
1 Treatment

A single session of Cryotherapy is enough for instant relief from inflammation and soreness and is good for an energy boost that will last you the rest of the day. Three minutes of treatment and you are on your way to pain relief and a productive day.

Image by bruce mars
3–5 Treatments

With three to five sessions of Whole Body Cryotherapy, you will begin to repair damaged body areas as joint pain is alleviated, your total energy level increases and fresh, nutrient-enriched blood continuously floods damaged body areas.

Outdoor Fitness
7 Treatments

Seven back-to-back treatments will serve as an entire system restart. This is where the body moves from repair stage to complete rehabilitation stage. Seven sessions can jumpstart weight-loss, speed up post-surgical recovery, and benefit postpartum mothers.

The Healing Power of Cold

Inflammation is the sole cause for nearly every disease or illness the human body experiences. Where there is pain in the body, there is inflammation. Inflammation can stem from a number of sources including injury, surgery or even self-induced inflammation through exercise and strenuous activity. Unfortunately, medications designed to reduce inflammation wreak havoc on other systems in our body causing irreversible damage.

Whole Body Cryotherapy aims to change the way we recover from inflammation & pain. Instead of introducing the body to harmful substances found in many anti-inflammatory drugs, Cryotherapy ‘biohacks’ the body’s nervous system using acute exposure to freezing temperatures to trigger the release of anti-inflammatory agents. The results speak for themselves. Cryotherapy has been utilized since the 1980’s to treat inflammatory diseases such as arthritis, muscle inflammation & chronic pain. We invite you to experience the plethora of benefits that cryotherapy can offer and explore a more holistic, healthy approach to living a better life.


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