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Do the Columbus Futsal Freeze!

If someone would have come up to me last week and asked me what Futsal was, I would have guessed that it was an anti-fungal foot cream and would have been terribly wrong. Yesterday after meeting members of the Columbus Futsal team, I can say without a doubt that Futsal may be one of the most awesome sports that exist in the modern day sporting arena.

I say this because the group of guys that came in to get Whole Body Cryotherapy in preparation for their US National tournament this upcoming weekend we’re the most genuine, fun, outgoing group of teammates that I’ve come across.

As Columbus’s Official Street Soccer & Futsal family, Columbus Futsal is dedicated to player and team development — and what better team building activity to take part in than to watch each player withstand sub freezing temperatures in the #BlackOctagon! Although they seemed cold at some moments, the camaraderie and sense of community existing in the Columbus Futsal team could not be dampened, not even by -310 degrees of Nitrogen gas.

Ohio Cryo would like to wish Columbus Futsal the best of luck at US Nationals!

For more information on Columbus Futsal: http://ColumbusFutsal.com

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