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Full Spectrum Infrared Sauna

Private Sanctuary Infrared Sauna with True Wave™ Full Spectrum Technology

Private Sanctuary Infrared Sauna with True Wave™ Full Spectrum Technology

WHAT MAKES US UNIQUE? Our Sanctuary Sauna™ model has 1,000 watts of full spectrum infrared located on the back wall, side wall, front door as well as under the bench.

“Infrared wavelengths penetrate the body to create heat, which creates profound therapeutic benefits. They increase blood flow to the muscles, delivering more concentrated oxygen, which creates more energy to heal.”

-Dr. Jeffrey Spencer – University of Southern California

A full-spectrum infrared sauna, known as near, middle, and far.


All waves are absorbed into the body like sunlight, whether the light is seen with the naked eye or not.


Near-Infrared treatments, which penetrate on a superficial level, are ideal for skin reparation, boosting immunity, and maintaining healthy cell function.


Middle-Infrared treatments go a level deeper, encouraging circulation, pain management, and muscle relief.


Far-infrared treatments can detoxify the body as much as seven times more effectively than a regular sauna, increasing the body’s core temperature greatly.


Our sauna also has electromagnetic fields ( ow EMF & low ELF technology) that’s 25 times the power!! 

What Does this Mean for You?

In ONLY 30 minutes you’ll get more benefits, at a more comfortable temperature setting ranging between 100-130 • (degree symbol ) and in less time!! You will get more benefits in a faster period of time, along with a more relaxing sauna experience at temperatures ranging from 110-130* Our radiant energy penetrates the skin 2" below the surface allowing a 93% absorption rate. Although, it's not recommended to sweat at higher temperature levels (like traditional saunas) once you sweat, toxins are 7 times higher than the toxins found in the sweat tested after other sauna types.  

Our sauna will rotate through 16 LED colors of medical grade chromotherapy lighting. LED light therapy is used to help restore imbalance in the body, alleviate pain and swelling, decrease inflammation, and contribute to overall wellness, particularly when following a medical or surgical procedure.

Our Sanctuary models utilize glass on the front and ceiling with a contemporary design crafted for both style and comfort.

*Our saunas are ergonomically designed to make the most of any sauna experience.

 *You have complete control over customizing your sauna session, connect your favorite entertainment with our Bluetooth / MP3 connection and Nakamichi stereo speakers.

*Private seating large enough to seat up to four people (however, only 1 additional guest is permitted.) 

*Fresh Eucalyptus infused rainfall shower available following your session.

Benefits may include:

  • Weight loss / fat reduction

  • Inches loss / reduce bloating 

  • Skin tightening / complexion 

  • Reverse premature aging / Glowing skin tone

  • Cellulite / scar reduction

  • Increase collagen / metabolism

  • Improve Immune System / detoxification 

  • Varicose / spider veins reduction

  • Lymphatic drainage / improves circulation

  • Stress reduction / Mood enhancement 

  • Reduce swelling / Inflammation 

  • Cardiovascular  support / increased oxygen levels

  • Reduction in joint pain/ ear & nose infection prevention

  • S.A.D. / reduction winter "blues"

  • Meditation / mental clarity /headache relief

  • Reduction blood pressure / cholesterol levels

  • Improve thyroid function / liver support 

**Studies are looking at using certain Infrared Saunas in the treatment of chronic health problems, such as Kidney Disease, Congestive Heart Failure, Dementia, Alzheimer's disease, type 2 Diabetes, Rheumatoid Arthritis and Cancer.

**Japanese researchers have reported that infrared radiant heat antidotes the negative effects of toxic electromagnetic sources, i.e. high tension power lines or computer display terminals. 


Who should avoid an infrared sauna?

Use of a sauna appears to be safe for most individuals. Those with cardiovascular disease, someone who’s had a heart attack, individuals with low blood pressure, or pregnancy should speak with their physician before using one. *Those with contact dermatitis may find saunas worsen the symptoms. Again, the evidence surrounding infrared saunas is still quite recent. Insufficient numbers of longitudinal studies have been done to fully assess potential negative effects associated with FIR saunas. The most straightforward answer would be to avoid infrared saunas if you’ve been advised against using one by your physician.* also note that the risk of dehydration increases with this type of dry heat, and if you’re prone to overheating or fainting, use caution.

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