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University of Missouri joins the Black Octagon Family, Offers Cryotherapy

The University of Missouri athletic department has joined the Impact Cryotherapy family as they celebrated the installation of 2 Whole Body Cryotherapy ‘Black Octagon’ Cryosaunas into their training facility last week. Mizzou athletics join several division 1 schools to offer the recovery modality, including University of Georgia, Georgia Tech, Wakeforest and Georgetown University.

“We are very excited to become an industry leader with this technology,” said Rex Sharp, Associate Athletic Director for Sports Medicine. “With cryotherapy, we believe our athletes can train harder but recover quicker to help get more productive results from their workouts. Many people who have experienced it say it provides an invigorating, euphoric experience and it is used as an alternative to traditional ice baths. Impact Cryotherapy has the premier reputation among providers of cryosaunas and we were happy to work with them to make this a reality” Sharp explained.

The implementation of Whole Body Cryotherapy as a recovery modality has become a growing pattern throughout collegiate sports programs across the United States.



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